Using ReWire in FL StudioOctober 29th, 2012

ReWire is a tool that is used to ‘hook’ other DAWs that are ReWire-capable onto FL Studio so that you’ll be able to use their instruments and effects. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to do a simple ReWire of Propellerhead Reason onto FL Studio.

Before you proceed with this tutorial, you have to install Reason on your Computer.

First, create a MIDI Out channel. This is where the instrument from Reason will be directed to.

Inserting a MIDI Out channel.

Now insert a ReWire and select Reason from the drop-down list. Click on Show Panel to launch the program.

Inserting a ReWired.

Now as you can see below, we have the basic interface of Reason.

Reason Interface.

Start by right-clicking the device above and selecting Create > Mixer 14:2.

Creating a Mixer in Reason.

Next, right-click on the mixer and select Create > NN-XT Advanced Sampler.

Inserting an NN-XT sampler.

Next, click on the folder icon to browse for a preset. I chose a generic GrandPiano here, but you can choose anything you want. Click OK.

Browsing for an NN-XT preset.

Now, go back to FL Studio, click on Reason (the ReWire channel), and select MIDI OPTIONS. Select the Hardware Interface and then hit Add/Change. You’ll see that port 0 has been assigned to the Reason ReWire. Click OK.

MIDI Options for ReWired in FL Studio.

The last step is to click on the MIDI Out channel and check the settings. The Port should be 0 (the same as the step above), and the channel should be 3, because as you can see above in the MIDI OPTIONS, the NN-XT Sampler is number 3 on the list.

Setting MIDI Port and Channel numbers.

You can simply add more instruments by right-clicking the Mixer on Reason, and adding another MIDI Out on FL Studio, and assigning the channel number to whatever the MIDI OPTIONS display it to be.

Listen to the demo: rewiredemo

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